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Try using Google to search for your website. If it didn’t appear on the first page, then your site may require search engine optimization. Not sure what that is? Find out and save over 90 percent with the Complete SEO Certification Training Bundle, just $24.30 with code NEWYEAR2019.

Popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo employ algorithms that rank websites according to certain criteria. The more common benchmarks include keyword usage, readability, and mobile friendliness but, in fact, there are many more that also play a role. And that’s why search engine optimization — or SEO — is so important. With it you can manipulate a website so that it appears near the top of any search engine’s ranking, thus making it easier to find.

The Complete SEO Certification Training Bundle, which is valued at $980, offers all the instruction needed to become an expert in this growing field of study. It includes eight beginner-friendly courses that take this oftentimes complex subject and breaks it down into smaller components, making it easier to understand. It’s perhaps the fastest and most economical way for both amateurs and professionals alike to become adept with this important skill set.

If you work with websites then this is training that you absolutely must have. Hurry, though: The Complete SEO Certification Training Bundle is normally discounted to $30 but, if you use the promo code NEWYEAR2019 this week at checkout, you’ll pay just $24.30.


Complete SEO Certification Training Bundle – $30

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