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Google запатентувала взуття для віртуальної реальності - Техно 24

Google has patented a VR-footwear. According to preliminary information, the novelty will closely monitor the flow committed by a person while walking and with each step will make the wheels work so that the owner remained in place.

About it reports The Verge.

Note that most current implementations of VR need power cables and the video signal from the computer to the headset. There are mobile helmets, but even if they add support for a walk, move around in the real world, in fact, with your eyes closed it would be very dangerous. So you need to pass the player the feeling of walking in a virtual world so real it stayed in place.

Google запатентувала взуття для віртуальної реальності - Техно 24
VR-footwear from Google will allow you to move around the virtual universe

Not to say that VR shoes from Google – a simple and elegant solution, but if such a device works, it could indeed provide additional immersion in the game.

The device will track the location of a person in the room that did not exceed the established limits. If the player manages to enter the undesirable region, the Shoe will return it to the center.

Google запатентувала взуття для віртуальної реальності - Техно 24
VR shoes from Google to monitor human movement in the real world

The Google patent describes several different designs of such equipment, including round wheel, crawler treads and Omni-directional wheels which are most often found on industrial equipment.

It is unclear, however, really like the shoes create a sense of walking and whether it would be a new problem? The movement should be invisible, because even a small shift that does not correspond to what the user sees in VR, it is able to cause many seasick.

Google запатентувала взуття для віртуальної реальності - Техно 24
Types of wheels for VR shoes from Google

It should also be remembered that it is only a patent, there’s no guarantee that Google will even try to create something similar. It’s not like the search giant paid great attention to the development of VR.

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