Feud reignites after Instagram fail

A fiery feud between two bikies has esculated with Ben “Notorious” Geppert attacking Brett “Kaos” Pechey online.

Geppert, an ex-Hells Angel and Fink who is “fresh outta protective custody”, posted a tirade against his former “brother-in-law” and an edited image of Pechey with a pig snout which appears to repeat an unsubstantiated claim that he was a police informant.

It comes after the heavily tattooed Pechey, a former Bandidos Motorcycle Club president who calls himself “Infamous”, was caught out in an embarrassing Instagram post.

He was bragging about his “new toy” — a glistening new cherry-red Ducati motorbike — on social media.

It turned out that the picture of the motorbike had actually been taken from Google Images.

The embarrassing post, which Pechey claims was due to his Instagram account being hacked, is now being used a vicious taunt by his enemy Geppert — reigniting a bitter feud between the pair.

Geppert lashed out at Pechey on his Instagram page.

“You posted a bike off the Ducati Instagram page and made out it was yours! And now the media done an article on you and your lies! Hahahaha peachy the boneyard pea heart.

“You need to stop the act now. Thanks.”

He then posted an Instagram story showing an edited picture of his rival with a pig’s snout and the numbers “000” on his forehead, a reference to an unsubstantiated claim that Pechey was a police informant.

It wasn’t long ago the bikies considered themselves “brothers-in-law” by virtue of their relationships with Gold Coast sisters Allaina Vader and Rikki Louise Jones.

Despite the two bikie couples spending time together on the Gold Coast swimming and sunning themselves, the men fell out over Geppert’s unsubstantiated claims that Pechey had been “talking to the task force”.

A social media feud took off after Pechey broke up with his heavily tattooed fiancee, Ms Jones, just a few months into their engagement last year.

In February last year, the friendship between Pechey and Geppert appeared to be officially over when Geppert made the unsubstantiated claim that Pechey was a “dog”, or police informant.

In Instagram photos, Geppert took his Brothers 4 Life gang T-shirt — which he had proudly worn with Kaos’ thumbs up approval on Instagram — and threw it on the ground.

It came soon after an apparent falling out between Ms Jones and her Instagram star sister Ms Vader.

Pechey appears to have taken the embarrassing publicity surrounding the Ducati post in his stride, as a post on his Instagram page showed a picture of the White House, with a caption that reads “bought a HOUSE”.

Pechey revealed in an Instagram story a conversation with a reporter, in which he claims his Instagram account was hacked — adding the hackers posted “a lot more” than the Ducati post.

However, it’s not the first time Pechey has been caught pulling the wool over his followers’ eyes.

In November, he posted a picture of five Louis Vuitton bags — supposedly stacked up in his home. However, a reverse image search found the image had been taken from Google.

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