7 Smart Ways to Stay Organized While Wedding Planning

Leverage Pinterest, but don’t go overboard.

Pinterest can be a treasure trove of ideas for invitations, cake design, table centerpieces and other wedding needs. A survey commissioned by Pinterest and published two years ago noted that its user base conducts 378 million wedding-related searches on the website each year.

Megan Hiltbrand, a wedding and event planner in Syracuse, suggests that instead of pinning a ton of photos to a master board (which many people do), you should curate your favorite photos by creating boards for each wedding category — like hair and makeup, flower arrangements, specialty cocktails. By having your photos organized in this fashion, and selecting no more than six photos for each category, Ms. Hiltbrand said, you’ll be better prepared to present your ideas to vendors. Photographers, decorators, florists and other vendors can also gain a better understanding of your vision for the wedding by viewing your pared-down Pinterest boards.

There’s one caveat. “Many of the images shared around on Pinterest are either from high-end events or styled photo shoots, where it’s really cost prohibitive to replicate for a 200-plus- guest wedding,” Ms. Hiltbrand said. “By looking at the individual attributes of the images, you can single out elements of them — a certain flower, gold flatware, wooden chairs or taper candles — to incorporate that gets you closer to the image you pinned without blowing up your budget.”

Use this fast and easy way to collect guest addresses.

Rather than spending hours texting and calling wedding guests to get their mailing addresses, you can save yourself time by using Postable.com, Ms. Meeks said. The website will create a customized link that you can email to your guests that allows them to add their mailing information directly into a digital address book that only you can access. The site will also let you export the addresses to Excel, which is a nice feature considering a number of wedding invitation companies require couples to provide addresses in an electronic spreadsheet.

Create an email account for wedding-related communication.

“You will send and receive an unbelievable amount of emails with regards to your wedding day during the planning process,” said Alyssa Thomas, a wedding planner in Pittsburgh and Columbus, Ohio. She advises couples create an email account that’s strictly designated for wedding planning (like [email protected]), such as email correspondence with vendors. “Having one inbox solely dedicated to this project will save you time and unwanted stress,” she said, meaning that email chain with your caterer won’t get lost in your personal or work email account.

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